Route Information

Region Name Driver Area
Dawson Creek #1 Tate Creek (Secondary) Theresa Pohl Tomslake/Tupper
Dawson Creek #2 Alaska Highway Keith Trail Highway 97 North to 216 Road
Dawson Creek #3 South Dawson Stacy Vernal South Dawson Creek
Dawson Creek #5 Kilkerran Greg McNabb Kilkerran
Dawson Creek #6 Fellers Heights (Secondary) Laurie Kurbis Arras
Dawson Creek #7 East Pouce Geri Demyen East Pouce/Briar Ridge
Dawson Creek #9 Doe River (Elementary) Nelson Sheppard Doe River/Rolla
Dawson Creek #14 Willowbrook Lynne Bedell Sunrise Valley/Parkland
Dawson Creek #16 Tomslake (Secondary) Donna Regner Tomslake/Highridge Road
Dawson Creek #18 Doe River (Secondary) Terry Ayotte Doe River/Rolla
Dawson Creek #19 West Dawson Lorelei Francis Reasbeck Road/Kenzie Sub
Dawson Creek #20 Sunset Prarie (Elementary) Laurie Lineham Progress
Dawson Creek #24 Lakeview Nancy Deak 8 Street North/Coleman Creek
Dawson Creek #25 Hays Ed McCullough Old Edmonton Highway
Dawson Creek #27 Fellers Heights (Elementary) Mel Regner Upper Cutbank/Fellers Heights
Dawson Creek #28 Willowbrook (Secondary) Terry Vyse 212 Road West of Highway 97 North
Dawson Creek #29 Farmington Brian Landry Farmington/Parkland
Dawson Creek #30 Pouce Coupe Kevin Chapman Blockline Road North to Pouce Coupe
Dawson Creek #32 Tower Lake Linda McClarty Highway 97 North to 228 Road
Dawson Creek #33 Arras (Secondary) Shane Loiselle Arras/208 Old Hart Highway
Dawson Creek #34 Groundbirch (Elementary) Echo Potvin Groundbirch/Steward Lake
Dawson Creek #36 Parkland (Elementary) Dayna Fowler Bessborough/Parkland
Dawson Creek #38 Arras (Elementary) Sally Kinch Arras/Livingston RD/Bedell RD
Dawson Creek #41 Devereaux Brent Walker Devereaux
Dawson Creek #44 Special Needs Shelia Benterud Dawson Creek in Town
Dawson Creek #46 Bear Mountain Wally Yaciw Ski Hill/McKinnon Sub/Prince Sub
Dawson Creek #47 Tuscola Mountain Rosi Miether Groundbirch/Progress
Dawson Creek #48 West Pouce Ralph Wiebe Berry Road/Rocky Mountain Sub
Dawson Creek #50 Kiskatinaw Doug Torsti Labelle Sub/226 Rd. South to Parkland
Dawson Creek #53 Riverside Rachel Rule Riverside
Chetwynd #13 Mount LeMoray Colleen Brogan HWY 97 South, west of Chetwynd
Chetwynd #15 East Pine Jamie Collins HWY 97 South, to East Pine Bridge
Chetwynd #17 Sukunka Carla Dempsey HWY 29 to Tumbler Ridge
Chetwynd #21 Boucher Lake Connie Twin Boucher Lake Road to Chetwynd
Chetwynd #22 Commotion Creek Raelene Belcher HWY 97 South, west of Chetwynd North Side of HWY
Chetwynd #23 Bond Siding Trista Dowling Jackfish Lake Road
Chetwynd #26 Lone Prarie Jackie Neufeld Lone Prarie Road to Chetwynd
Chetwynd #39 Moberly Lake Rose Duggan Moberly Lake Elementary Bus
Chetwynd #40 Jackfish Brenda l'Anson Jackfish Lake Road to Clark Drive, South to Chetwynd
Chetwynd #45 Wabi Hill Fred Knowles Wabi Estates, Bedell Drive, Spruce Road
Chetwynd #51 Dokie Anne Amero HWY 97 South, to Waters Sub, Wildmare to Chetwynd
Chetwynd #52 West Moberly Ashley Mahler South Moberly
Chetwynd #54 Lakeshore Michele Hitchcock HWY 29 North, to West Moberly Road to Chetwynd

If you are new to the area, please contact the bus garage at 250-782-2106 to find out which bus route your child will ride.

School is not in session over the summer break! Students return to school on Wednesday, September 4, 2019, starting 2 hours late, and ending 1 hour early.
The StrongStart program does not run over the summer break. The program resumes on Wednesday, September 11, 2019.