In SD 59, any programs or initiatives we undertake are rooted in our core business of a Quality Education for each student and the core belief of Continuous Learning for All.

Learning is best when it is  interactive,  self-directed and allows for our passions and creativity to emerge. Solid foundational skills and high expectations in an environment of critical thinking, communicating, creating and collaborating will provide our students with the skills necessary to navigate the world of the future.  All of our programs will hold these attributes at the core.

We provide programs for all learners: Project/Inquiry Based Learning, Primary Literacy Project, Later to Literacy, 21st Century Learning and Montessori are just a few that help engage students and get them excited about what they're doing.  Students can take charge of their own learning and have the chance to demonstrate what they're learned in multiple ways.

The focus of our projects are based on assessment data from our district and supported by evidence-based research practices.



School is not in session over the weekend. Students return to school on Monday, September 16, 2019.
The StrongStart program does not run on weekends. The program resumes on Monday, September 16, 2019.