School Directory

Dawson Creek & Area
School Languages Phone Number Fax Number Administrators
Canalta Elementary English 250-782-8403 250-782-3204 Jennifer Sutherland
Crescent Park Elementary English 250-782-8412 250-782-3204 Cynthia Percy
Dawson Creek Secondary (Central Campus) English, French 250-784-7676 250-784-7670 Ronald Berg, Sean Cowie
Dawson Creek Secondary (South Peace Campus) English, French 250-782-5585 250-782-7221 Josh Kurjata, Brad Booker, Judy Eagles
Devereaux Elementary English 250-843-7300 250-843-7300 Orycia Richer
École Frank Ross Elementary English, French 250-782-5206 250-782-3204 Shaun Henry, Jeffrey Corcoran
McLeod Elementary English 250-843-7374 250-843-7374 Danyell Dutka
Parkland Elementary English 250-843-7777 250-843-7777 Kristy Rose
Peace View Elementary English 250-789-2280 250-789-2280 Renee Elliott
Pouce Coupe Elementary English 250-786-5314 250-782-3204 Amanda Bricker
South Peace Distributed Learning English 250-782-5585 250-784-7221 Josh Kurjata
South Peace Elementary English 250-219-1095 250-782-3204 Renee Elliott
Tremblay Elementary English 250-782-8147 250-782-7043 Randy Parr, Sue Wakeham
School Languages Phone Number Fax Number Administrators
Chetwynd Secondary English 250-788-2267 250-788-9729 Chris Mason, Shari Henry, Shane Mould
Don Titus Montessori English 250-788-2531 250-782-3204 Daun Newman
Little Prairie Elementary English 250-788-1924 250-788-1923 Christi Fowler, Dianne Bassendowski
Moberly Lake Elementary English 250-788-2574 250-788-2574 Anneli Duncan
Windrem Elementary English 250-788-2528 250-788-3894 Lauri Mason
Tumbler Ridge
School Languages Phone Number Fax Number Administrators
Tumbler Ridge Elementary English 250-242-5281 250-782-3204 Kim Ferguson
Tumbler Ridge Secondary English 250-242-4227 250-242-3600 Ryan McGuire, Deborah Peever
School is not in session over the weekend. Students return to school on Monday, September 16, 2019.
The StrongStart program does not run on weekends. The program resumes on Monday, September 16, 2019.